Gunshot and muzzle flash license

Only those who purchase this disc directly from the publisher,  D F Curran, have the right to reproduce the muzzle flashes and gunshot sounds in their own work.

Purchasers do not have the right to transfer the license to anyone else. In the event the disc is purchased by a corporation or partnership only the corporation or partnership may use the gun flashes and sounds on this disc.  The rights will not extend to individuals working for the corporation or partnership.

Purchasers have the right to use any and all of the sounds and images on this disc so long as the sounds and images are used in a project intended for an end user—and that it will be understood that that end user will use the images solely for entertainment, amusement, or educational purposes and NOT for use by other filmmakers.

(For example: You may use the sounds and images for a movie needing gunshots and muzzle flashes and sell it to a distributor who will make copies suitable to show in theatres and also put your movie on DVDs which will be sold to the public (end user).  You may NOT use the sounds and images on this disc in such a way that other movie makers could use those sounds and images to create their own movies, nor do you have the right to pass on the license to use these sounds and images other than such use as in the first example above.)

Purchasers of used copies of this disc do not have the right to reproduce any of the material on this disc or use the sounds and images on this disc in any way.  Any use by anyone who did not purchase the disc directly from D F Curran is copyright infringement. 

Any work which includes these copyrighted gunshot sounds and/or muzzle flashes must include the notice.
Gunshot sound(s) © 2009 D F Curran
Muzzle Flash(es) © 2009 D F Curran
As appropriate for what is used.
 Using these image files

The muzzle flashes here have been converted from movie format to image sequences.  These image sequences may be a single from or multiple frames.  They can be used with HD, or DV (They were shot in HD)  Since they are images they can be used with NTSC, PAL, or any other format. And they can be used whether you are shooting at 24, 25, 29.97 or any other frame rate per second.  To use them simply create a new track above the tract above the track with the gun image, trim, resize and re-orient the PNG image so that it fits in front of  the muzzle of the gun you wish to simulate firing.  And at same time choose a gunshot sound to place in an additional sound track such that the sound is in sync with the gun’s firing.  For a machine gun effect you would simply repeat the sound over.