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Never give an actor a real gun!
One September Day

For one thing, they might damage them. 
And there is the very real potential for accidents.
I stopped using real guns after watching one actor who
claimed to be experienced with rifles incorrectly
pump a pump action 30-06 so that live blank 30-06
cartridges were jamming into one another. 
Even blanks can cause damage when used
Did you know it is a Federal Offense to actually saw off a shotgun?
The excuse that you needed it from a prop is no good.
Use a fake. 

I've successfully used painted Airsoft guns as props ever since I stopped letting actors use real guns.  Below are some links to Airsoft and blank firing guns.

Warning Airsoft guns and blank firing guns are dangerous and should be treated as such.

NOTE:  Make sure using the airsoft gun, and painting over an airsoft gun is not illegal in your area.  Get permits if you have to.   Actors have been shot by police, so this can happen to you.

You may have to the permission of the manufacturer if you use an identifiable Airsoft gun in your film.

Fire Blanks