Professional ScreenplayCoverage for
Full Length Screenplays or Shorts

Give yourself an edge. Whether your script will be submitted to a studio or you will be investing  in your film yourself,  a professional evaluation can be well worth the money spent.

Writer-producer-directors, before you spend your hard earned time, your cast and crew's time, and your money on filming your script wouldn't it be a good idea to get a indepth Critique.  


Dov S-S Simens in his book FROM REAL TO DEAL (which I recommend reading) suggests sending a script for coverage but says you should pretend you are a producer because otherwise

the reader will be nice. You do not need to to that with me. I will be brutally honest. I will not suggest a further consultation.


My qualifications:

•MFA in writing from one of the top 5 (read nastiest, most brutal) writing programs in the country. Why is brutal good for you? Years of critiquing and taking criticism have taught me that real critiquing must include getting into what the author is trying to do before critiquing. (Suggested reading: Arthur Danto's essay: the artworld. Danto suggests if you can't get into the 'is' of what the artist is doing you have no business critiquing.) I also know that much of criticism can be based on things other than an honest evaluation, such as jealousy, or even revenge.

•Years of teaching short story and scriptwriting. I have a reputation for catching errors and making very astute suggestions for revision.

•Hollywood credits, I was a writer on the television series WISEGUY, I got my start after pitching a story to a producer on the spur of the moment (and then submitting a treatment.)

•I've written, produced and directed my own film. That means I've taken a script all the way, even to editing the film. This gives me insights that 'pros' who have only read, written book reports for, and rejected scripts for productions companies do not have.

•Real writing and editing credits from stories in magazines like Louis L'Amour Western Magazine and literary magazines like Samisdat. To non-fiction in Writer's Digest and The Writer. I was even Editor-in chief of the presitgious literary magazine CUTBANK.

•My 64 pages E-book How to Make Your Own Low-Budget Digital Movie, Available on as an Amazon short, reached the #3 best seller position of all Amazon Shorts--pretty good considering not everyone wants to make a movie. The fact that so many, who do want to make a movie, read it, proves I must have something worth saying.



Only $1 Per Page. There is no minimum number of pages.

Fast Turnaround, usually within a week*

(*for electronic submissions. Paper submissions take a few weeks due to mailing times.)

Screenplays must be in standard screenplay format in 12 point courier.

It is strongly recommended you proofread carefully first. This is not an editing service!

Formats accepted.

Adobe .pdf

Final Draft .fdr

Final Draft .fds

Microsoft .doc

Text File

or Appleworks file


Just pay with Paypal, you do not even need a paypal account, you can use your credit card.

FOR ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS USE THE BUTTON BELOW . Enter the number of pages as the quanity. Do not include the title page if it only includes identifying information.

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