Workman's Compensation Employee's vs. Independent Contractors, etc.

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Making Knaptid I wanted to pay my actors. They had to put in a good deal of time and I wanted to make sure they didn't lose money by missing work.

Rather than become and employer myself I hired a temp agency. The temp agency required either a credit card with a big balance or a deposit. They then became the employer, and worksman's comp was included. This was a major relief when one actor fell, and another was stung by a yellow jacket (she was allergic) on the job.

One reason I chose to use an agency was, I had heard, the IRS was cracking down on film companies hiring people as independent contractors. I don't know if this is true or not, but I found the paperwork for using the temp agency very easy and the worksman's comp comforting.

Montana requires insurance if your operating(filming) on a highway. We were not, and I owned my equipment. Montana does not require permits. (Although if you were working with guns you might want to inform the local police even if permits are not required.)

Montana has a state film commission where you can find up to date info on tax breaks etc.

Some state by state info is available at


One Reason I like Rick Smith's book

was its discussion of payment to actors and crew.

Short Concise discussions of things like employees.

Contains a nice discussion of insurance.
A short discussion of permits. One of my favorite books, covers liability, employees, etc.